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Best Passive Isolator

  • Signal Isolator 4-20ma dc signal converter

    Contact NowSignal Isolator 4-20ma dc signal converterSignal Isolator-Signal isolator dc signal converter A. WTM2VS dc signal converter (isolator); B. WTM2DY distributor (isolated); C. WTM2TS thermocouple signal converter; D. WTM2RS thermocouple signal converter;Read More

  • Passive Isolator Accuracy of + / - 0.1% 0 ~20 madc

    Contact NowPassive Isolator Accuracy of + / - 0.1% 0 ~20 madcThis passive isolator can achieve isolation of dc current signal transmission without power supply. The passive isolator WTL3008 is with features of Fast response time, high conversion accuracy, good anti-interference performance. Input and output are isolated; Thickness is only 17.5 mm; Inserting type terminal structure makes easy installation and convenient maintenance; Different models are available with One input one output, one input two output, two input two output models.Read More