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Hazardous Location Spotlights

  • Explosion Proof Spotlight--Hazardous Location Spotlights

    Contact NowExplosion Proof Spotlight--Hazardous Location SpotlightsEVLS explosion proof spotlight Product Code : 201462693013 Explosion proof spot light- Used for 1st zone metal lighting products Compact construction 1) Installation, joint and the lampshade adopts double love female thread, save installation time, reduce the damage 2) Quick connector design is...Read More

  • DN25 ~ DN2000 Adjusting Valves for Hazardous medium and strong corrosion medium

    Contact NowDN25 ~ DN2000 Adjusting Valves for Hazardous medium and strong corrosion mediumThe adjusting valves are typically suitable for virulent and precious, volatile and the adjustment of the osmotic medium, and a variety of the concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, and all kinds of organic acid, strong acid, strong oxidizer and other corrosive medium pipeline. The regulating valves have a successful performance in wet chlorine, hydrogen production, titanium sponge, alkali, titanium tetrachloride, maple and other industries.Read More