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Dywer SAV-ST Angle Seat Valve Stainless Steel NPT

Dywer SAV-ST Angle Seat Valve Stainless Steel NPT

Dywer Series SAV-ST Angle Seat Valve,Low Cost, Compact Design, For Use with Gases & Liquids


Series SAV-ST Angle Seat Valve - Stainless Steel NPT

Save space while maintaining flow rates with the compact Dywer Series SAV-ST Angle Seat Valve. The pneumatic, externally piloted  angle seat valve is operated by a single acting actuator with a mechanical spring for fail-safe operation. Select from either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) configurations. Bi-directional valves (normally closed) are designed for special applications that require flow in both directions and incorporate an anti-water hammer design for liquid applications flowing under the seat. Normally open valves can also be used to prevent water hammer on valve closure in liquid applications.

The Series SAV-ST angle seat valve can be mounted in any position. For added flexibility, the actuator housing rotates 360 degrees for positioning of the pressure ports. Standard visual indicator shows open or closed position.

Constructed of investment case stainless steel and PTFE seals, the Series SAV-ST angle valve can be used in most gas, liquid, and steam applications. Integral heat sinks dissipate heat protecting the polyamide actuator, ensuring longer life.




Gases and liquids compatible with wetted   materials.

Wetted Materials:

Valve Body: AISI 316L Stainless Steel; Plug   and Stem: AISI 316L Stainless Steel; Stem O-ring: Fluoroelastomer; Seat and   Seal: PTFE.

Line Sizes:

1/2" to 2" NPT.

Pressure Limits:

See table on Catalog page.

Flow Leakage:

Meets ANSI Class VI.

Temperature Limits:

14 to 356°F (-10 to 180°C).



Piston/pneumatic spring.

Pilot Connections:

1-3/4" dia. act.: 1/8" BSP;   2-1/2" dia. act.: 1/4" BSP; 3-9/16" dia. act.: 1/4" BSP.

Pilot Media:

Air, water, inert gas.


See table on Catalog page.

Temperature Limit:

140°F (60°C).

You may email to postmaster@wtindustrialeqpt.com for quotations or visit http://www.wtindustrialeqpt.com/valves/ for more information.

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