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RV200 Series Electronic Valve-Electronic Control Valves

RV200 Series Electronic Valve-Electronic Control Valves

RV200 series electric / pneumatic control valves


Electronic Valve

RV200 series electric / pneumatic control valves

Product Code: 2014516153851

Main features
RV200 series electronic valve has valve core of V-Port, porous type, pressure balance type, multistage decompression type form, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions.
RV200 series control valve core uses the process of re-processing after forging so that it improves the density of the core material and enhances the resistance of the valve core.
1.V-Port------ V-shaped opening spool adopts high-speed water jet machining technology processing, so it greatly improves the machining accuracy and ensures the accuracy of the flow curve.With same specifications, the flow curve and flow capacity can be changed by altering the shape of the V window.
2. Porous type intelligent elecropneumatic positioner valve-------LDM patent hole technology effectively protects the valve parts from fluid cavitation, cavitation damage, thus prolonging the service life of valve.
3. Pressure balance type ----- pressure balance valve is applicable for large differential pressure occasions. The electropneumatic positioner valve core adopts pressure balance type design to eliminates the unbalance force to the valve core caused by medium differential pressure, thereby reducing the required output force of control valve actuator.
4. Multi stage decompression ------LDM unique multi-level decompression technology makes the pressure-reducing more obvious and outstanding. Each level of pressure reduction is 4.0~5.0MPa, up to level 4.

RV200 series electric / pneumatic control valves are suitable for all kinds of liquid, gas and steam control and cut off in the industrial process. The series of regulating valves meet the requirements of DIN and ANSI standards, widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry and other fields.
Technical data

Nominal diameter

DN15~400 1/2"~16“

Pressure level

ANSI Class150~600   PN16~63



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