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High-performance Fisher A31A Butterfly Valve

High-performance Fisher A31A Butterfly Valve

Fisher A31A Valve 1) Tight Shutoff 2) Excellent Shutoff Integrity 3) True Bi-directional Shutoff Performance 4) Safety 5) Ease of Maintenance 6) Reliable Flange Gasketing Surface 7) Easy Installation


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Fisher A31A Valve

The Fisher A31A is a high-performance butterfly valve featuring a keyed shaft for on/off service.  

Main feature

a) A31A butterfly valve is available in NPS 14 through 24, CL150 and CL300. 

b) Either a flangeless wafer-style design, or a single-flange (lugged) body are both available.  


1) Tight Shutoff

2) Excellent Shutoff Integrity 

3) True Bi-directional Shutoff Performance 

4) Safety 

5) Ease of Maintenance 

6) Reliable Flange Gasketing Surface 

7) Easy Installation

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