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Control valve Fisher V150E Ball Valve

Control valve Fisher V150E Ball Valve

The Fisher VBall V150E control valve is with an expanded outlet design, which is of one standard line size larger than the inlet.


Control valve Fisher V150E ball valve

The Fisher VBall V150E control valve is with an expanded outlet design, which is of one standard line size larger than the inlet. 

Main feature

a) One-piece valve body improves structural integrity 

b) Flanged valve body design reduces alignment and installation time, and promotes secure valve installations and piping integrity.


1) Valve size: DN80*100~250*300   

2) Body material: 317SST

3) Maximum ball rotation: 90 degrees 

4) Taper key: R30006 

5) Shaft: S20910 

6) Wave spring: N07750  

7) Easy Installation: The flanged body design reduces installation time and promotes safe ball valve installation. 

8) Excellent Flow Control: The Flanged ball valve fisher v150E provides a modified equal percentage flow characteristic. 

9) Unique dimensions typical of expanded outlet ball valve designs.

10) Smooth Valve Operation  

11) Trim Versatility: The components can be interchageable with V150,V200,V300 ball valves.

12) Expanded Outlet: Satisfies installation requirements where expanded down stream piping is specified. 

13) Long Service Life: With tested low-friction and rigid bearing designs, this ball valve shows excellent performance in high-load and high-cycle applications.

14) Heavy Duty metal seals temperature capabilities: -46 ~ 280 degrees

      PEEK/PTFE bearigs: -198~260 degrees

      Packing constructions PTFE V-ring:-198~232 degrees

Fisher V150E Ball Valve control valve provides reliable, high-performance throttling operation and promotes smooth operation over a wide range of flow conditions.

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