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Soft sealing Floating Ball Valve

Soft sealing Floating Ball Valve

R920M soft sealing floating ball valve


Floating Ball Valve

R920M soft sealing floating ball valve

Product Code: 2014516153738

Main features
1) This
soft sealing floating ball valve is with high precision processing, the valve ball and valve seat connect tightly and can reach standard ANSI B16.104/FC170-2 CLASS V;

2) The valve seat is provided with a spring buffer, and the valve ball can be kept in good seal even under low pressure. This design ensures that the pressure difference in the situation of the valve open and close action can also be a smooth action.

3) Fireproof is in accordance with API 607 4TH.

4) Various materials are available (stainless steel, cast steel etc) to meet different conditions.

5) The appropriate surface processing of valve ball and valve seat makes it be long-term applied to the high containing hard particles chemical slurry and other abrasive fluid medium.

1. The
floating ball valve can be applied for Abrasive medium.

2. This soft sealing floating ball valve is used in High temperature conditions.

floating ball valves are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, paper, mining, metallurgy and other fields.

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