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Dwyer Series 2000VA/3000WA Hi-Flow Control Valve

Dwyer Series 2000VA/3000WA Hi-Flow Control Valve

Dywer Series 2000VA/3000WA Hi-Flow™ Control Valve can be used for Perfect for steam, water or compatible glycol solutions.


Welcome to purchase discount source series 2000va/3000wa hi-flow™ control valve from our company, which is one of the best China series 2000va/3000wa hi-flow™ control valve manufacturers and suppliers.

Globe Valves, Ideal for Steam and Water Flow Control, 1/2" to 2-1/2" Sizes, 2-Way or 3-Way W.E. Anderson Hi-Flow control valves are single seated, top or cage guided globe valves - probably the simplest, from construction standpoint, yet most versatile control valve in the Hi-Flow control valve can fit applications with a smaller size since the valve has a greater flow capacity than most conventional valves of the same size.

Coupled with the high flow capacity, the Hi-Flow control valve maintains a wide rangeability of 50:1 to insure precise control. Heavy duty Hi-Flow control valves are ruggedly constructed of the highest quality     materials, precisionmachined, and performance tested to assure years of trouble free service. Standard packing consists of PTFE V-rings and wiper to minimize friction without leakage at high operating pressures. Available in brass, iron, 316 SS body, trim is 316 SS with all welded plug construction provide superior durability and corrosion resistance.




Compatible liquids, gases, and steam.

Line Size:

1/2" to 2.

Body Style:

2-way or 3-way globe.

End Connections:

1/2" to 2" female NPT.

Pressure Limit:

Iron or Bronze Body - 250 psi (17.2 bar), 316   SS Body - 300 psi (20.7 bar).

Wetted Materials:

Body: iron, bronze, or 316 SS; Trim: 316 SS;   Packing: PTFE.

Temperature Limits:

20 to 400°F (-7 to 204.4°C).



Pneumatic spring/diaphragm.

Control Signal:

3 to 15 psi (0.21 to 1.0 bar) standard.   Custom ranges available.

Maximum Supply



220, 222, and 230: 100 psi (6.89 bar). 221,   223, 231, and 233: 50 psi (3.45 bar).

Air Connection:

1/4" female NPT.

Temperature Limit:

150°F (66°C).

Product Applications

•    Globe Valves can be used for Flow control, mixing, or diverting service.

•    Dwyer Series 2000VA/3000WA Hi-Flow Control Valve can be used for Perfect for steam, water or compatible glycol solutions.

You may email to postmaster@wtindustrialeqpt.com for quotations or visit http://www.wtindustrialeqpt.com/valves/  for more information.

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