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High pressure Water Control Valve DN20~DN50 water regulating valve

High pressure Water Control Valve DN20~DN50 water regulating valve

Water Control Valve,High pressure water control valve .


Water Control Valve

High pressure water control valve 

Product Code: 201462795123

Main features
1) With sleeve guide structure and assembly and disassembly feature.
2) Casing window can be designed into porous type, prevent cavitation
3) Accurate regulation performance.  
4) This water control valve is with anti-scouring high hardness material, which makes trims service lifer longer.

With single valve system and sleeve guide structure of the high pressure water control valve, it effectively prevents the vibration of the valve core under the shock of the high pressure water flow.

Sleeve can be in window or porous type, so that this high pressure water regulating valve can bear large pressure drop.

Standard specifications

Body material

ASTM/A216 WCB, WCC, A217 -   WC6, A351 - CF8, CF8M

Valve rating

ANSI 600 # ~ 1500 #



Leakage level

ANSI Class V

Temperature range

~ 250 ℃


linear, equal percentage

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